Jack + Christina

SOO these two are just the cutest things ever!

Their day may have started with a few hiccups but they didn’t let it get them down! I wasn’t actually their original wedding photographer- this crazy thing we call life got in the way and one way or another the previous photographer wasn’t able to make it. I got a phone call around 2:20 Saturday afternoon asking if I would be able to make it to photograph a wedding by 3! God had it all worked out when He arranged for them to call me- just so happened my husband was in from offshore (so he was able to keep our kids) and I live two minutes away from the wedding location!

I had never met the bride or the groom- knew nothing about them or their families. But let me tell you something- It didn’t take long for them to welcome me with open arms- some of the sweetest people I have ever met!

This is the first wedding I’ve attended where the pastor had everyone in the audience reach out their hands to pray over the couple. I think that is the most special thing ever!

I might not have known them for very long- but one thing stuck out to me very quickly- their love for each other! It was a joy that you couldn’t ignore!

Jack + Christina.. I wish you two a life time of that happiness!