Bodie + Gabrielle are engaged!

You guys.. my sweet niece is ENGAED!


She was one of my very first practice models when starting my photography journey.. If my memory is correct she had about 6 different Senior Sessions! LOL! Get ready for a year of Gabrielle + Bodie engagement sessions!

I am SO happy that she found the love of her life- Bodie is the sweetest guy ever! I love these two so much and am beyond excited to see where life takes them!

We traveled to Mandeville, LA for their [first] round of engagements- I had never been - so was praying the whole way there it was going to be worth the two hour drive. It started off super PACKED but closer tp sunset the beach goers started to clear out! Needless to say- this place is totally worth the drive and I can’t wait to go back!!!

Location: fontainebleau state park

Farrah's Newborn Session!

Sweet baby Farrah just couldn’t wait to come into this world! She was two weeks early and 7lbs 10oz! She is seriously one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen- the most perfect skin, that head full of dark hair! Ah! SO PRETTY!

Her amazing parents are head over heels in love! Daniel is such a proud dad- He actually asked for MORE pictures of just the two of them… thats not something most dad’s ask for! LOL! She is going to have him wrapped!

Little Miss Farrah put up a GREAT fight for her newborn session- she refused to sleep- but its ok- I like her eyes open anyways ;)

Can’t wait to watch you grow up, pretty girl!