All American Girl Senior Rep Shoot!

This shoot started out just as any of my past Senior Rep shoots. All the girls gathered around a table brain storming about ideas.. Let me just tell you- These girls had some very “different” ideas! LOL! After what seemed like forever, and many, many slices of pizza later- someone said All American Girl[ It might have even been ME? ha- I honestly don’t even remember]

It was perfect! We were a few weeks away from the Fourth of July - I had this whole game plan and posting the images on July 4th. but like most things- LIFE happened and we just couldn’t make the original date work! We tried a few different dates but this rain has been crazy to work around… SO needless to say almost a whole month after July 4th we were finally able to take these pictures!

It doesn’t have to be Fourth of July to celebrate/ show love for our great USA! ;)

We had a BLAST for this session! I can not wait to hang out with these amazing young ladies all year! &YES as you can see below- Sawyer just had to get in on the fun! Sis loves when the Sr Reps come over!

*Hair & Makeup: Kaly Duhon [She is pretty amazing]