2020 Senior Rep

Deadline to enter is May 25, 2019

Hey Ladies!!!


This is SUCH an exciting time for all of you!

My hope is that I am able to be there along the way to help make your Sr Year Experience the most amazing thing ever!

I am looking for FIVE young ladies that LOVE having their pictures taken!

  • You will receive free images via online gallery from any group shoot that we do throughout the year [this is what you will use to help promote CHP]

  • You will be expected to help promote CHP on your personal social media accounts

  • You will receive 15% off of your Senior Session

  • You must book a FULL Senior Session with CHP [ Package 01. ]

  • You & Your parents must be on board with all of the above and sign a contact agreeing to the terms (If chosen)

Please make sure to speak with your parents about this before submitting the form! It is VERY important that your parents are OK with all of the terms!

To view all of my pricing options and portfolio- please click HERE!

Below are a few words from some of the 2019 Sr Reps!

  • Being a Senior Rep was absolutely amazing because I got to enjoy the experience with 4 other amazing friends and get dressed up and be a model, making this whole senior year experience so surreal! I would do it ALLL OVER AGAIN! I want to thank you Ms. Chelsie for allowing me to take part in this it was awesome!❣️


  • I just wanna say being a senior rep for you was the best choice! Thank you for picking me!! I started off awkward and did not know how to pose! But by the end of it all every picture came out amazing!! Anyone looking to be a senior rep or senior pictures in general should pick you!!! Also if they love flowers in the pictures you’re the best to go to!!


  • Being one of your senior reps brought me 5 new friends- including you! Taking the pictures with you was so much fun & you got each of us out of our little shy bubbles and made it really easy to enjoy the whole process!


*Please make sure to send a picture of yourself in a separate email!

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This could be things you LOVE, what you want to go to college for, your hobbies.... whatever makes you, YOU! The more the better!