Me at age 6 with my very first camera!

Me at age 6 with my very first camera!

Hey guys,

I’m sure you already know this BUT my name is Chelsie Hebert! 

Writing an ‘About Me’ section can be pretty awkward.. but here it goes! 

My husband and I live in the small, yet, amazing town of Breaux Bridge with our three kiddos, Rhede (8) Sawyer (5) & Everett (1). I absolutely love our town- it’s so rich with cajun culture! If you aren’t from here- you should totally take a drive one weekend; The food alone makes it a trip worth while! 

I could talk about our town and food for days.. but I’ll stop now and tell you a little about my photography journey- It all started around the age of six, I know right, what six year old knows exactly what they want to be when they ‘grow up?’

I did!!! I got my first camera at six years old (The picture below- see that super fancy Polaroid around my neck?)  Yep! That’s what started my career! HAHA! 

I always told people that I would be a nature photographer- I had dreams of shooting for national geographic (Go big or go home, right?)  But like most things- God has plans of his own! He planned on me being a mom and staying in the town I loved so much! 

Growing up, I would think of being a photographer as my “job” as sort of out of reach. So I pushed it aside for a while. It wasn’t until my first child was born that my LOVE for photography came back in full force. So.. I did what any other normal person would do… cashed out my savings and headed to Stillwater, Ok (10 hour drive) to make my dreams come to life! Lauren Clark Photography was located there at the time- She taught me basics of how to use my camera in manual mode and her ways of editing! It was amazing! I came back to Breaux Bridge so inspired- I started my very own Chelsie Hebert Photography business! 

Since then I have taken many courses and gone to many workshops- and each day there is something new to learn! I am always trying to grow and change to better myself! 

I’m just a small town girl trying to live out my dream by capturing your family images! :)